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Operation Menai Bridge


What is Operation Menai Bridge?

The passing of the British monarch will trigger an official process known as Operation Menai Bridge, a framework that outlines how the UK will mark the occasion.

National mourning guidance

Following the death of His Majesty King Charles, the government has released National Mourning Guidance, which we wanted to draw to your attention. The guidance sets out information on aspects of the National Mourning period such as floral tributes and social media advice. It outlines that it is at the discretion of businesses whether to consider closing or postponing events - especially on the day of the State Funeral - depending on their nature and tone

How will this affect your business?

Day of death

It’s thought that the Government will not order employers to give employees the day off, leaving this as a matter between employers and their staff.

Day of national mourning

The prime minister and the King have agreed that the day of the state funeral will be a “Day of National Mourning.”

The day will effectively be a bank holiday, although it will not be named as such. 

Coronation of King William

The coronation is thought to be declared as a UK bank holiday by the UK government, and therefore UK-based employees are given the day off.

Cancelled events

Military shows will be cancelled.

Non-cancelled events

All other shows will continue with the organisers discretion, however it is recommended that they undertake a national one minutes silence on the day of death, and a national 2 minute silence on the day of the funeral.



It is suggested that  Ops teams arrange a meeting with their security providers and venues as soon as possible to understand the proposed plans, and therefore understand any possible extra mitigating plans needing to be put in place as organisers through security companies. 


It is reported that there will be an increased security risk (terror threat) to all events during this period, and in particular the funeral and coronation dates.



In the hours after the Kings’s death, a “call cascade” will take place informing the Prime Minister.

The royal household will issue an “official notification” delivering the news to the public.

Flags are to be lowered to half-mast.


At 10 a.m. on the day after the King’s death, the Accession Council — which includes senior government figures — meets at St. James’ Palace to proclaim King William the new sovereign.


The King’s coffin will return to Buckingham Palace.

D-Day+6 to D-Day+9

The King will lie in state at the Palace of Westminster for three days. His coffin will lie on a raised box known as a catafalque in the middle of Westminster Hall, which will be open to the public for 23 hours per day


The state funeral itself will be held at Westminster Abbey.

There will be a two minutes’ silence across the nation at midday.



We advise that the homepage of your website hosts a message of condolence, with a black and white image of the King.

We also suggest working with your website developer to have this prepared ahead of time.


Social media

  • Post initial message of condolences
  • Keep further social posts to a minimum during 12-day mourning period - only post important updates about events
  • Share respects on day of funeral

queen social


Example social media posts

For events taking place on the day of death

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of His Majesty King Charles. Our thoughts and condolences are with the Royal Family during this difficult time. Rest in Peace, Your Majesty.

After much consideration, we have taken the decision that [EVENT] will remain open. Please join us as we take part in the national minute’s silence at [TIME], today. 


For events taking place during the funeral

After much consideration, we have taken the decision that [EVENT], which is planned to take place between [dates] and therefore coincides with the funeral of His Majesty King Charles will go ahead.

Please join us as we take part in the national two-minute’s silence at [TIME], today. 

Stylings and titles

Before King Charles dies, he will be referred to as 'His Majesty the King'. After King Charles has died, he will be referred to as 'His Majesty King Charles.

'The' in a title indicates the current holder. No 'the' means the former title holder, former spouse of title holder etc.


Privately owned

Venues will need to consider the following options:

  • Close throughout the mourning period up to the funeral
  • Close on the days the funeral and the coronation
  • Not close at all

Private enterprises will be under no statutory or legal obligation to close.

Deciding to close will be a decision that will be taken based on what is appropriate and acceptable.  

State owned

State owned venues will close.



The AEO has reached out to TFL, however there is a lot of confidentiality surrounding plans.

‘It would be all hands on deck throughout London, with all lines running to capacity.’ 

Considering the above, it seems the main disruption concern for events is delayed/cancelled public transport and the general traffic in the capital, due to the amount of people expected to flock London.

Get in touch

If you would like to share your companies plans and policies with the AEO, please contact