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About us

Association of Event Organisers Ltd (AEO) is the trade body representing companies which conceive, create, develop or manage trade and consumer events. It is run by its members for the benefit of its members through an elected council of representatives, specialist working groups and a fulltime secretariat.


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of business directors agree it is easier to communicate face to face than on the phone or email.

We've been supporting the event industry for over 100 years


Over the years, the mission of AEO has transitioned and developed, to align with current issues.

A century on and the original collaborative ambitions are not too dissimilar from the AEO’s current objectives, albeit on a much wider and ambitious scale. It is run by its members for the benefit of its members through an elected council, specialist working groups and a fulltime secretariat.

AEO is part of EIA

AEO, AEV and ESSA are the three parts of EIA, whose members collaborate and support the events community. 

AEO works in partnership with its sister associations on a number of initiatives including research, cross association working groups and lobbying.

This enables the event community to come together as one voice, responding to a range of opportunities or issues into which all sides of the industry have an important input. 

It also enables members access to several cross-association working groups, networking events, conferences, forums and industry research.


The alliance gives us and our members the opportunity to influence key initiatives and changes that can have a direct impact upon the whole sector.

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Association of Event Venues (AEV) is a vibrant, effective and highly professional trade body that serves an established event venue community. 

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Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) is a trade association representing contractors and suppliers of goods and services to the exhibition industry.  

About ESSA


Please make sure your customers know to read the small print before signing anything. Your exhibitors may be targeted by companies claiming to be, or work with, your organisation. They may use your event branding to appear genuine. 

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  • Clarion Events has been a longstanding supporter and member of the AEO, actively engaging in the AEO community, through its events and working groups. Their commitment to sharing knowledge and collaborating within the AEO community benefits not only our business and teams but also contributes to industry growth.
    Lisa Hannant
    Group CEO, Clarion Events
  • As an independent and privately owned organiser, our AEO membership has been invaluable. We have benefited through mentoring, networking, working groups, training, recognition and beyond. However, there are still plenty of resources within our membership that we haven't fully utilised yet. We're eager to explore these as we continue our membership journey.
    Penny Moyses
    Founder & CEO, Latch Events
  • AEO membership should be a priority for organisers of all sizes. I have been a member with previous businesses and again now with What Else Events. The support of the AEO team has been nothing short of inspirational with an immediate impact and tangible benefits from day one. The Conference and Awards have both been highlights and we will attend the Forums next time too.
    Tim Else
    Founder & MD, What Else Events Ltd.
  • The entrepreneurial journey often presents considerable challenges, highlighting the significance of supportive communities such as the Association of Event Organisers (AEO). Membership within the AEO has afforded me the invaluable opportunity to connect with fellow event organisers, providing a platform for networking and gaining insights into emerging trends within our distinct industry.
    Dr. Raphael Sofoluke
    Founder & CEO, UK Black Business Show
  • When I set up Raccoon Media Group, the first thing I did was join the AEO. The mentoring programme and the opportunity to network was invaluable at a time when I really needed and valued peer-to-peer advice. The working groups are incredibly invaluable, the advocacy and insight is important and the networking is essential. If you have an events business you really need to be in the AEO.
    Mike Seaman
    CEO, Raccoon Media Group
  • Nineteen Group is a young fast-growing business and proud AEO member. Whilst our Leadership Team is experienced and well networked, the AEO has allowed access to a wide variety of opinions across different organisations of varying sizes. As we’ve expanded quickly it’s been useful to see what other businesses are doing in areas like sustainability and overseas acquisitions. Several of our emerging leaders have been involved in AEO working groups and awards judging and have enjoyed the networking.
    Alison Jackson
    Group Managing Director, Nineteen Group
  • As a small and independent events organiser membership of the AEO is essential to our business. The industry intelligence and access to guidance enables us to stay up to date and implement ever higher standards within our business without having to reinvent the wheel every time. Beyond that, the AEO membership is a community in the truest sense of the word and the support and engagement among the members is brilliant.
    Nicola Harrison
    Project Manager, MTA