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The events industry is a vibrant, dynamic and friendly industry to work in and there are many opportunities for growth and development working in the UK, or overseas, on consumer or trade events. Want to be part of a team? Not afraid of hard work? Enjoy trying new things? Want to work in a fun environment? Read on to see what your career may have in store!



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We've asked some of our members what they love about the events industry, the secret to their success and how they would sum up their role. Take a look at their story below.


What could a career in events mean for you?

The events industry is home to an array of skill sets. Check out the event industry snapshot video to see the different routes your career could take and the experiences of the industry video to hear what it’s like first-hand.

Event industry snapshot

Experiences of the event industry

Member showreels

Check out our members’ showreel gallery to see their hard work, creativity and teamwork brought to life. Our members serve a range of sectors from leisure, technology, health and beauty, homeware, and retail to name a few.

Event Showreels


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AEO's exclusive talent partner

Here at Expocast, we're really chuffed to partner with the AEO and help drive the #chooseevents campaign - it marks several steps in the right direction regarding how we attract talent to this industry. Thousands of extraordinary people have stumbled into the events industry, and while we will continue to gain talent through chance, now is the moment to push this campaign out and show people the many wonderful reasons they should be choosing the sector more proactively.

The Employee Benchmark and Salary Survey produced last year as part of the AEO/Expocast partnership provided insight into why we are able to retain talent in the industry for years, if not entire careers. Whether it be the travel, social opportunities, the rush of running your event, the chance to work with high profile brands, or the quick progression for those who really excel, the #chooseevents campaign will elevate the wider awareness of our industry like never before!

Mike Frost

Co-Founder, Expocast


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