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  • 04-Feb-2022

    All Secure Standard

    Kicking off the year by seeing some familiar faces at the AEO UK Ops Group is always a nice way to see in January.

    People came armed with questions and solutions to help one another, reminding me that working in such a collaborative sector is how we have managed to survive the last two years.

  • In the ‘Focus on Future Growth’ session at the AEO CEO Forum in January 2022, Mark Parsons of Events Intelligence shared his perspectives on how organisers should think about data (and especially big data) to understand their communities. This article summarises his main points and responds to questions raised in the room, concluding with a set of actionable next steps for organisers.
  • We are delighted to get back to our pre-pandemic tradition of kicking off the New Year with the AEO International CEO Summit in January. Last week, the AEO International Group welcomed a select group of our member CEOs to join us at Coworth Park, to physically re-connect, discuss global issues affecting our industry, and share knowledge and insight for 2022 and beyond.
  • This morning I was privileged to be asked to chair a session for the AEO cross association working group on the subject of Diversity and Inclusion.

    The working group has produced a raft of resources available to members and non-members that I think are incredibly valuable especially if you’re unsure of the subject and want to further your own learning about how we can make our industry more inclusive. Have a look here – it’s all free.

    There are a few thoughts that I had from the session as well as some of the questions asked that I thought would be worth sharing.

  • Events are still considered the most important marketing tool for a company, and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a solidarity to the events industry in a way which we’ve never seen before. As we discuss and champion the importance of what we bring to the economy, we must acknowledge the pivotal role we play in our society. As a body that represents companies that conceive, create, develop or manage trade and consumer events, the AEO is well positioned to make a difference to society, and lead the way for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) within the events industry.
  • 08-Dec-2020

    A reflection on 2020

    A year ago almost to the day, the AEO team set out its objectives for the year ahead, which focussed on engagement both internally within the membership and externally with government. We’d built up the team; welcoming our first apprentice, Zahra, and a new role looking at data in Carly. So, we had a new team, new office, and a full programme of working groups and events, supported by research projects, sponsors and partners to look forward to.
68 Results
  • "Broadway Events joined the AEO on the Enterprise Membership. We’ve already taken advantage of the many benefits including the excellent FaceTime Masterclasses and training guides for exhibitors."
    Emma Barrett
    Broadway Events
  • "We are a member of the AEO because it is a proactive association for the events industry. As an organiser it provides us with high value ideas, networking, guidance and information."
    David Harrison
    PPMA Group
  • "This year, the association has led working groups to address industry issues and put on some amazing events full of insightful content for both organisers and, through the AEOs FaceTime initiative, exhibitors. In addition, the AEO has represented the industry at a Governmental level to raise awareness of the importance of events to the UK economy."
    Paul Byrom
    Upper Street Events
  • "I genuinely believe that if you’re involved in organising events you should become a member of the AEO."
    Simon Kimble
    Clarion Events
  • "Our membership of the AEO represents real and tangible value for UBM - it provides fantastic networking opportunities, practical training for our team as well as valuable insight into the state of our industry."
    Simon Parker
    Informa Markets
  • "As an Association business, we appreciate the excellent work the secretariat of the AEO do for our community. From the events side of our business, the AEO provides an excellent return on investment, providing thought leadership, fantastic networking, brilliant awards, excellent research and FaceTime, a valuable tool to tell our markets why exhibitions and events should be an essential part of the marketing mix."
    Neil Felton
  • "AEO’s networking and member meetings are valuable for individuals at all levels within our organisation. The promotion of our sector to the outside world, to government, authorities and business at large is another vital aspect of the AEO’s purpose for members, many of whom, like my company, work on events throughout the world."
    Stephen Brooks
    Mack Brooks Exhibitions
  • “Knowledge is power and the AEO dinners are certainly powerful, there is always a wealth of knowledge at the table. Insightful presentations make for a constructive and extremely social way to learn from the experts who’ve done it before. I attended the Japanese evening and gained really valuable insight about the culture and how best to communicate with a local audience.”
    John Whitaker
    Vice President Marketing, Data & Digital , dmg events
  • "We have the opportunity to contribute positively to the industry as well as gaining valuable insight and advice. There’s no need to spend valuable time and money reinventing the wheel when you have so many experienced professionals in AEO membership to learn from”
    Emma Cartmell
    CHS Group
  • "JOINING THE AEO HAS BEEN FANTASTIC! Being able to gift our customers with free places at the FaceTime masterclasses, learn alongside industry peers and seek advice to common challenges is invaluable”
    Sharon Azam
    GovNet Communications
  • I just wanted to send my most sincere thanks for everything that you and the AEO team are doing to help navigate the events industry through the pandemic. The working groups and communication from the AEO have been excellent and I’m really appreciative of being part of such a wonderful organisation.
    Simon Burns
    ICHF Events
  • I think what the AEO has been doing during this tough time has been exceptional.
    Greg Cherry
    QD Events LTD
  • It is so useful to hear from your peers at this time. Please pass my thanks to Ruth and the BTIG panel
    Dan Assor
    CloserStill Media
  • Just wanted to thank you and Ruth this morning for the Zoom meeting - it was really interesting to hear how things are moving along in the virtual/hybrid meeting/exhibitions. All very new to me, so a lot to digest.
    Maureen Wright
    Optic UK
  • The session this morning was fantastic. We are right in the midst of this and the information was so useful. We can apply it immediately
    Claire Adams
  • The AEO provides an opportunity to make a difference, to work with other companies for the good of the industry as a whole, but beyond that, it provides it’s members with valuable insight and tangible benefits to grow your business, upskill and engage your teams. For those reasons, our membership is in indelible ink on the each annual budget. In short, if you aren’t a member, you are missing out.
    Ed Tranter
    73 Media




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