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The AEO Marketing Group meets to discuss techniques and define standards for the events industry.  


About the Marketing Group

The group is tasked with representing the AEO’s marketing community, at all levels within their career. Working Group members are responsible for capturing and defining member wants and needs within the areas of PR, marketing and communication, to express common issues, aims and practices that would be better shared, tackled and discussed as a collective.

Specifically, members of the Marketing & Communications working group share knowledge, and best practice to assist them in their day-to-day roles. In addition, and where necessary, they seek to create issue led statements or documents to assist them in relaying industry issues or messages to their customers.

Chair - Chloe Monina

Head of Global Marketing, Trades Exhibitions

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Who is it for?

This group is aimed at middle management (Head of Marketing or similar) and above.  


Click here to find out more about the strategy for the Marketing Group in 2023:


Diary Dates

12th September 

16th November

Interested in joining?

Contact Lauren Petchell for more details 

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