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groupThe AEO International Operations Group is responsible for sharing and capturing key issues that affect events organisers and their teams internationally. Specifically they are a forum to discuss the challenges of operating overseas and how they can use their collective knowledge to set unified standards and drive progressive change.

About the International Operations Group

Continuing to use the group as a network of knowledge and first-hand experience will be the core purpose of us coming together in 2023.

We are relieved that the UK appears to be over the worst of the pandemic and that shows are able to run with the support of the All Secure Standard, but this is not what we are facing with our businesses overseas, nor with that of our international visitors.

With this in mind, we will be keeping tabs on what measures are in place regionally and the impact that this is having on our customers, their audiences, and our teams on the ground having to manage different expectations.

To benefit the rest of our international members, we will be sharing any top tips or wins that are discussed in meetings and delivering these as case studies. In addition to this, we will be developing our Team Toolkit with a security focus, giving teams a standardized checklist that can be used as part of your event planning.

Next year, we hope that the rest of the world will have caught up with putting the pandemic behind it, and we can focus on topics that will improve standards globally.


Who is it for?

Membership of this group is via invite only, to AEO members who operate internationally. External suppliers or friends to the industry may be invited to attend in the interest of furthering the groups strategy.
It is aimed at those working in an Operations role at a senior level.

To find out more about the International Operations Group's strategy for 2024;

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2024 Diary Dates

20th February

7th May

2nd July

14th November 

Interested in joining?

Contact Lauren Petchell for more information


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