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groupThe International Organiser Group provides a platform for AEO members operating internationally, to come together, discuss common challenges and exchange information to help grow their businesses and the industry globally. 

About the International Organiser Group

After seeing the return of events post pandemic, the group looks to navigating a still turbulent 2024.

Using this to fuel their objective for the year ahead, members will continue to run events and content that will facilitate the sharing of knowledge, pioneering and supporting any initiatives that can rebuild the industry.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Understanding how to currently manage a business living with COVID-19 and moving to an endemic, discussing the regional challenges that come with it.
  • Look at the definition of reopen, using their collective knowledge and power to influence regional decisions on travel boarders, restrictions and other barriers that will prevent shows from running.
  • Exploring the Development Boards work on identifying the skills gap and attracting relevant talent to the industry.
  • Using events and relationships with international associations to build the foundations to grow events in undeveloped territories.

Vice Chair - Damion Angus

Group Managing Director, Montgomery Group

More about Damion

Who is it for?

Core membership of this group is by invitation only for members at senior level (CEO and or MD), speakers  from industry or other associations may be invited at the request of the group.
The group extends its reach to the wider membership to attend any virtual learning discussions, events and face to face meetings that are deemed appropriate.

To find out more about the International Organiser Group's strategy for 2024;

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2024 Diary Dates

11th January 

Interested in joining?

Contact Lauren Petchell for more details 


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