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group The  AEO Digital Group is responsible for providing a dynamic and discussive platform to explore and understand new technology and innovation tools that will drive the event industry forward.

About the Digital Group

The Digital Group will focus on the learnings – and the successes – of the last two years, cementing virtual as part of members growth strategies, exploring the tools available to do this well.

It will be a forum for those who have run digital events and want to continue, as well as those looking to learn about how they can grow this area of their business.

The customer will be at the forefront of discussion, with real life case studies shared about how to  make events a truly 365 experience for your communities, and the knock on benefits that this will have for your exhibitors at face to face shows.

Who is it for?

This group is primarily for individuals leading event businesses, senior directors and portfolio directors.

Given the nature of the group's focus, senior marketing directors and operations directors may also gain benefit from attending on occasion.

To find out more about the Digital Group's strategy for 2023;

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2023 Diary Dates

1st March

20th June

6th September

16th November

Interested in joining?

Contact Lauren Petchell for more details


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