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XA Sustainability

Members of the Cross association sustainability working group have used the sustainability commitments to improve the environmental performance of their events. You can use these spotlights for some inspiration about how you can make you events more eco friendly.

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The NEC share how they are using technology to measure how much food waste is being produced at their venues. This data is then used to understand how wastage can be reduced to a minimum. 

This has helped the NEC save 9,592kg of CO2, or the equivalent of 97,000 meals.

Spotlight case study


Olympia explain how they have raised their recycling target to 98% and have been compliant with the ISO 20121 sustainability standard since its introduction in 2012. 

Olympia with MICE Machine to undertake a sustainability assessment and created a 'Grand Plan' that helped them focus their sustainability efforts into 4 key areas. 

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