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Reuters Events

Reuters Events serves a diverse range of industries and places a focus on the challenges and opportunities resulting from technological and strategic innovation.
A company built around better understanding what businesses really want and need
The dedicated, semi-autonomous industry teams at Reuters Events work to foster close relationships with the customers they serve; and a deep understanding of the strategic challenges they face.
In-depth research underpins the development of all products, resulting in highly focused and carefully curated information and event agendas.
Speaker faculties are made up of senior executives with critical insight on topics targeted. Exhibitions are geared to showcase the solutions of providers at the forefront of their fields.
As pioneers in the use of content for community development and marketing we foster year-round contact with our customers. The quality and value of the information we generate drives loyalty and underpins why our brands are considered leaders in their respective markets.
We offer help in the sectors where it is needed most, using specialist industry knowledge to promote development.
We research the most difficult business questions to help our customers address their biggest problems and determine their strategy. Whether it is studies on the progress of emerging technologies, data on fast-moving markets, or updates on regulatory change, we're always up to speed.


5 Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5AQ
United Kingdom

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