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New Scientist Ltd

New Scientist Live is an award winning festival of ideas and discovery, designed to illustrate how science and technology improves lives, shapes society and drives economic growth. The event attracts 22,500 intelligent, curious and scientifically literate visitors and offers an ideal opportunity to showcase products and services directly to a unique consumer audience. 2017's line up of 120 speakers includes the return of ESA's Major Tim Peake together with Google's Demis Hassabis, Conservation Personality Chris Packham, Science Writer Margaret Atwood, Food Science extraordinaire Heston Blumenthal and Cal Tech's own Sean Carroll. The event will also offer interactive demonstrations of cutting edge technology with features illustrating the crucial role science plays in our everyday lives, to ensure that visitors have a fully immersive and interactive day of science and technology.


Northcliffe House
2 Derry Street
W8 5TT
United Kingdom

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