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29 May 2019


The Initiative

Award-winning organisers Completely Events are actively seeking to expand their portfolio of events by launching a brand-new campaign to nurture and grow new show concepts, transforming them into a reality. The idea behind the Catapult initiative is to engage with specialists and professionals within the event sector who have an idea for a new event or have spotted a gap in the market, but need the funding and resource to transform the show from an embryonic idea into reality.

Whether it's a completely new show concept, or an idea born from a gap in an evolving market, Completely Events, a family-owned, independent business based in Guildford, will select from the submitted concepts and provide the funding and resource to bring the show to life, providing the successful applicant can demonstrate a fully comprehensive and achievable business case.

By launching this campaign, the Completely Events portfolio of shows is expected to grow across new sectors, launching at least two new shows every year from 2020 onwards.

Why Launch The Catapult Campaign?

Dom Millar, CEO of The Completely Group, explains: “With complementary marketing, digital and events businesses in the group, we've proven ourselves to be a very agile organisation, never content with the status quo.

“For the past 18 years our core business has predominantly been within the real estate sector, but the launch of The South East Wedding Show for 2019 has demonstrated to us that it's fairly straightforward to adapt and expand our portfolio of events when you have a great idea and a team that's engaged, enthusiastic and creative.â€'

When asked about the types of new ventures Completely Events are looking to support and invest in, Millar said: “We're looking at every opportunity on a case-by-case basis. As well as venturing into new markets, there are many trade and B2C shows that have perhaps been resting on their laurels and are ripe for disruption and innovation.

“We're looking to engage with and support experienced event professionals who have identified an opportunity for a new show, across any sector and in any format, that will benefit from the resources, relationships and infrastructure we have in place as an award-winning events business.â€'

Reputation and Resource

Completely Events have already invested significantly into their own event infrastructure and software, with dedicated team roles in place for the sales, marketing and production of existing events. Its sister company, Completely Creative, is a full-service design and digital marketing agency. This enables a comprehensive end-to-end solution for implementing a successful new event.

Any selected new concepts from the Catapult initiative will benefit from this range of in-house expertise, which will in turn reduce costs and ensure competitively priced events for both exhibitors, participants and attendees alike.

In addition to the implementation of concept to fully realised event, Completely Events will provide full financial support to carry out the show and mentor successful applicants, sharing valuable management expertise, guidance and a unique lens on organising memorable events.

A Forward-Thinking Ethos

Completely Events recently announced a partnership with Informa Markets with the Cityscape Marketplace UK show at London's Old Billingsgate Market. This is a unique collaboration to establish a new international real estate investment event based in the UK in April 2020.

Completely Events believe that strategic partnerships are key to establishing new events. An example of the type of venue and supplier partnership Completely Events have already entered into includes an arrangement with Farnborough International Conference & Exhibition Centre, where Completely Events will be holding the inaugural The South East Wedding Show in September 2019. A brand-new consumer show that aims to shake up the wedding industry.

Michael Watton, Venue Director at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, said, “We are delighted to get behind this new initiative from our friends at Completely Events. It's in all our interest to help new events thrive at our state-of-the-art facilities. We aim to support and help de-risk new initiatives such as this.â€'

Completely Events' approach to new events is straightforward, with an emphasis on keeping things simple, effective and results focused, ensuring the best experience for everyone involved. The custom designed shell scheme used at many of their UK and international events ensures an efficient and speedy build and break-down, plus a flexibility of design.

In addition to this focus, Corporate Social Responsibility plays a huge part in the Completely Events approach to organising shows, with sustainable methods and minimal waste high on the agenda. In 2018 Completely Events partnered with the ZSL London Zoo #OneLess campaign for Completely Retail Marketplace UK, pledging to remove single use plastic from all events going forward and instead station water coolers around the venue.

How to get involved in the Catapult Campaign

If any individuals within the events sector or with events expertise wish to get involved in this initiative, or refer someone who would be suitable, please get in touch with Completely Events via the contact details at the bottom of this press release.




About The Completely Group:

Established in 2001, The Completely Group is a specialist events and digital marketing organisation that currently works predominantly within the real estate sector. Based in Guildford, Surrey in the UK, The Completely Group works with most of the major real estate investors, developers and brokers in the UK and a growing number of European territories. In addition to a growing portfolio of events, The Completely Group has particular expertise in creative and technology, including owning and running the UK's leading retail property portal.


About Completely Events:

We create, design, build and deliver unforgettable events across the UK and worldwide for corporate clients. As an award-winning event management company and the team behind the successful Completely Retail Marketplace format, we are capable of delivering any event big or small with the passion, talent and experience to make each event a unique and memorable occasion.


Contact Details

For further information and to apply, please contact: Dom Millar,

Press enquiries to: Charlotte Smith,, tel: +44(0)1483 238695