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The following pages offer both practical tools and well-being resources to support YOU in the workplace and in your everyday life.

Take care of yourself

Be intentional about nurturing your own resilience, paying extra attention to taking care of yourself during stressful times. Maintaining a sense of balance between work and personal life can be challenging. But if you are physically exhausted, overloaded and overextended, it's more important than ever to disconnect, rest, eat well, exercise and find ways to rejuvenate. 

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People who are resilient tend to display some common traits. They are able to deal with uncertainty, they seek to understand and engage and they choose to react positively to adversity and change. Resilience is about learning how to keep yourself recharged and grounded, not just simply enduring or coping. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you examine your own personal resilience. Do you: 

  • take care of yourself by monitoring how you react to overload, adversity and stress? 
  • intentionally seek out and find ways to decompress (rest, rejuvenate, healthy diet, exercise)?
  • view your work and personal life as important and worthwhile enough to warrant your ongoing commitment and attention to each as separate and distinct? 
  • evaluate and maintain your personal and professional boundaries?


If you said yes to these questions, you probably have a strong sense of resilience. However, if you free there may be room for improvement, it is possible to work towards greater personal resilience.