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The marketing working group has created this list of resources that you may find useful for different marketing tasks. If you have used a great website or app that you think we should know about, please let us know. 

Share an app or website

Co-marketing & social sharing


Very easy to use, data feed in, can use for exhibitors, speakers, ambassadors, influencers, internal team promoting the event


Very easy to use, data feed in, can use for exhibitors, speakers, ambassadors, influencers


Word of mouth marketing, we've tried them all and had the best response from SnoBall


Platform that allows organisers to plan, manage and measure success of events. Fusion's apps allow attendees and exhibitors a seamless registration experience and an easy way to connect with each other. 

Exhibitor list 


Website and content management

Content management 


Website and content management

Project management

Easy to use, task management, suggests project tasks and checkpoints, suggests workflows, summarise meeting notes


Easy to use, task management


Easy to use, task management, enables you to keep track of your own tasks as well as rest of the team

Line-Up Ninja

Speaker Management software, make changes in one place updates all, integration with a lot of platforms including ASP, Gleanin, Grip, Sector

AI - translations


Document translation - PDF, Word, PowerPoint, text, and HTML files and emails.

Content creation with AI

Text Blaze

In their own words Text Blaze saves its users over 28 hours per month.


Summarises YouTube videos, Google searches, web pages, and more


Record, edit and transcribe video and podcast content/ AI generated social posts, chapter markers and content summaries


Create how-to guides by doing the process

AI - schedule planning


AI Meetings Assistant - Get automated meeting notes and summaries with action items


With automation and AI that intelligently plan your day, schedule meetings, And build the perfect to-do list.

AI - workflows

Install pre-built workflows or build your own

Suggests workflows, mind mapping, Project Management

Video editing 

Shout Out

Video editing tool, allows you to send links to speakers, exhibitors and collects videos in one place, anyone can access, easily add branding to videos



Create professional design assets

AI - email marketing


It's a powerful mass email tool with personalisation, auto-follow-up, and email triggering, making it ideal for companies using Gmail for their emails. It's also very competitively priced.

Event apps


Matchmaking, meeting scheduling, interactive floorplan, live messaging


Event app and networking platform

Cvent Attendee Hub

Allows attendees to connect with each other, see what's happening and who's speaking to plan and keep track of their event day. 

Writing assistance with AI


AI writing assistant

Cvent AI Writing Assistant

Writing Assistant- Event session titles, speaker bios, Video synopses, titles and captions


Write a brief and Jasper will write you emails, digital ads, blogs, headlines and much more

Website popup manager 


Close more business on your website

Social proof


Show what others do on your website

AI - Data building


LinkedIn automation tool designed to help your team improve LinkedIn prospecting


Automate data extraction from platforms such as LinkedIn and then automate outreach for things like exhibitor sales, registration drives etc

Apollo’s living database has 275M+ contacts, we use this to search for potential attendees at companies matching location, job title, industry etc. You can also use their platform to send sequenced emails again for reg drives etc

Live Data Technologies

This company's technology continuously monitors the open web for job change signals, tracking the employment status of 95M+ decision-makers in North America and the EU. We are looking at this to help keep attendee records and target companies up to date and reduce data attrition

Bear Analytics 

An industry-built no-code event analytics platform. Bear IQ makes it easy to take audience data from multiple sources, segment and act on it via your marketing tools like Salesforce, HubSpot and others!



Integrates with Salesforce for powerful and quick analytics and dashboards

Google Analytics

Web traffic analytics