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Maternity and parental rights include maternity, paternity, shared parental, adoption leave and pay, and unpaid paternity leave.

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DEI Articles
Pregnant at work in 2023

Maternity Action

Are you a working mother-to-be or new parent? This information sheet gives you an outline of your rights and benefits during pregnancy and maternity leave and tells you where you can get more detailed information.

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Your rights during adoption leave

Working Families

While you are on adoption leave, you continue to benefit from all of your rights and benefits (except remuneration) as though you were at work. 

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The 5 Pregnancy Work Rights You NEED To Know

Channel Mum

Expecting a baby? Congratulations! It’s important to look after you and your bump at this important time. But before you announce your pregnancy at work watch Channel Mum vloggers share the top 5 things that every mum-to-be needs to know before announcing a pregnancy in the workplace.

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#PregnantAtWork: Maternity and Paternity Rights in the UK

LinkedIn News

Employment solicitor Amanda Trewhella explains the basics of maternity and paternity leave in the UK, including how long you're entitled to take off. This video is part of the #PregnantAtWork series.

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Pregnancy and maternity discrimination


This podcast looks at the rights of pregnant employees and employees on maternity leave or shared parental leave, which include rights in relation to time off for antenatal appointments, and provide practical advice to overcome some of the issues identified by the survey, including the importance of communication.

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Shared Parental Leave

Employment Law Advice

The shared parental leave regime is fairly complicated with various different scenarios that could occur, and so it is important to be proactive and to understand your obligations as an employer as soon as possible.

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Shared Parental Leave


In April 2015 the legislation changed to allow expectant mothers to share their maternity leave with their partner. Take up so far, however, has been remarkably and perhaps predictably, low with just 1% of men taking up the opportunity. Research suggests that financial affordability, lack of awareness, and unwillingness from women to share their maternity leave may be behind this low take-up.

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