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Age discrimination occurs when someone is unfairly disadvantaged for reasons relating to their age which cannot be objectively justified. It has been illegal in the UK since 2006, with the law now incorporated into the Equality Act 2010. People of all ages can be affected, including younger and older workers, and the growing number of older people in employment makes this group a key focus.

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Ageism in the workplace ‘starts at 40’ for women

Lindsay Cook,

They say “life begins at 40”. Unfortunately for women, this is also the age where a top academic says age discrimination in the workplace starts to occur.

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How can I prevent age discrimination in the workplace?


Age discrimination is, of course, illegal in Great Britain. But, more than regulatory demands, fairness at work and tackling discrimination helps to attract, motivate and retain multi-generational staff, as well as enhancing your reputation as an employer.

So, as an employer, what you need to do both to meet your legal obligations and create a fair workplace?

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Why do women appear to bear the brunt of ageism at work?

Tamasin Ford, BBC News

"As soon as women show any visible signs of ageing, they are viewed as not only less attractive, but less competent," says 72-year-old Bonnie Marcus.

She argues that as women get older, they face the double whammy of sexism and ageism.

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Carol Vordeman on Facing Up to Ageism

This Morning

If someone said you 'looked great for your age' - would you take it as a compliment? While it might seem like a harmless turn of phrase, research has shown that casual ageism is making 68% of over 50s feel undervalued. And one person who agrees is 58-year-old Carol Vorderman. As she approaches the big 6-0, Carol tells us about facing up to ageism, and why she has no plans to slow down.

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Are young people discriminated against for being young? 

BBC Ideas

You'll have heard about age discrimination. Usually it's understood to be discrimination against the older generation. But are young people discriminated against by society? Poet and campaigner Ife Grillo argues that 'youngism' is all around us.

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Social Experiment #AgeDoesNotMatter

Rimi Lietuva

Every second citizen of Lithuania has experienced age discrimination during job application. However, is age really that important when building a dream team? #Rimi‚Äč has launched the social experiment that revealed how strongly our society stereotyped older people.

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Age Discrimination (with Deshpal Panesar QC)

Employment Law Matters with Daniel Barnett

Deshpal Panesar QC from Old Square Chambers discusses age discrimination.

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Jathan Janove on the 5 Myths of Age Discrimination

All Things Work From SHRM

SHRM's Tony Lee is joined by Jathan Janove, a former employment attorney with more than 25 years of experience representing employers with employee relations challenges. Tony and Jathan discuss older workers in the workplace, the biases they face and the myths employers traffic in to avoid hiring them.

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How We Stop Ageism in the Workplace feat. Ashton Applewhite

Workplace Justice

Although companies are finally getting on board about diversity and inclusion, there is still one issue that remains one of the greatest vulnerabilities that workers face. Ageism. What can you do when you're considered to be “too old” to be hired or kept as a valuable member of the workforce? How do you fight age discrimination in the workplace?

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