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DEI HUB: Disability



A disability is any condition of the body or mind (impairment) that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities (activity limitation) and interact with the world around them (participation restrictions).

Disability discrimination is when you are treated less well or put at a disadvantage for a reason that relates to your disability in one of the situations covered by the Equality Act.

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Disability inclusion at work: What it is and why it matters


Disability inclusion at work is about more than hiring people with disabilities. An inclusive workplace values all employees for their strengths. It offers employees with disabilities — whether visible or invisible — an equal opportunity to succeed, to learn, to be compensated fairly, and to advance. True inclusion is about embracing difference.

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Boost Disability Inclusion In Your Workplace

Diversity & Ability

It’s no secret: a diverse workforce, inclusive of disabled and neurodiverse employees, increases innovation, productivity and profitability. Companies that understand and embrace diversity often have lower staff turnover, lower absenteeism and happier staff.

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The Social Model of Disability

Inclusion London

The Social Model of Disability holds that people with impairments are ‘disabled’ by the barriers operating in society that exclude and discriminate against them.

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Wheelchair Love, A Guide for New Wheelchair Users

Tourettes Hero

This A-Z guide documents everything you need  to know about being a new wheelchair user, featuring everything from airports to clothing.

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Dave Gets In The Way

Tourettes Hero

This blog post from Tourettes Hero outlines the difficulties people with tourettes go through whilst trying to communicate during tic attacks.

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The Importance of Creating an Accessible Candidate Journey


Providing candidate support online to enhance their user experience from discovery and attraction right through to application and onboarding, is vital to obtain the very best skill sets for your business regardless of people disabilities and impartments. 

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Disability vs the Workplace

Lesa Bradshaw, TEDx Talks

This talk speaks about inclusivity of people with a disability in the workplace. Lesa talks about why we are struggling in this area, and what we need to do in order to open doors to the avenue of professionalism for People with a Disability.

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Connect with Difference: Dealing with Disability at Work

Life at HSBC

Denise, Gary, Lucy and Susan share their inspirational stories of facing workplace challenges head-on despite living with various disabilities. The colleagues open up about how supportive co-workers have helped them overcome their fears and realise their full potential – both personally and professionally.

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Workplace adjustments for disabled people

Equality and Human Rights Commission

This short video outlines the various way workplaces have adapted to be suitable for people with disabilities.

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Diversity and Inclusion in the World of Disability

Diversity Alliance Talks, The Podcast

This episode investigates how the interview, hiring and onboarding process could and should be enhanced to include inclusive practices. They also discuss why applicants should not have to disclose if they have a disability before or during the interview process. And the simple adjustments, businesses and organisations can implement to enhance processes so that they are a fit for all. 

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Type Casting: Why we need to stop categorising humans if we want a diverse work force

Diversity Alliance Talks, The Podcast

This episode features special guest, Esi Hardy – Founder, Owner and Managing Director of Celebrating Disability.

They draw parallels between Esi’s previous career as an actor and the roles she was often “typecast” into, and how as professionals seeking employment or working in the corporate environment, they are often being typecast or offered roles based on an "identity" they have been given, not taking into account, that human beings can occupy more than one identity.

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Business disability debates with Diane Lightfoot and Amanda Kirby

Business Disability Forum

Diane Lightfoot speaks to Professor Amanda Kirby CEO of Do-IT Solutions about neurodiversity in the workplace. Diane and Amanda also discuss what the world could look like post-COVID-19 and the opportunity to reinvent the workplace.

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