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18 Mar 2024

Unveiling the power of digital event marketing: A recap of the AEO training session in association with Tag Digital

Unveiling the power of digital event marketing: A recap of the AEO training session in association with Tag Digital

In mid-March 30 event marketing professionals gathered at the BDC in London for an AEO training session, included as a member benefit on paid digital event marketing, AI and Google Analytics, provided by Tag Digital.

Here are some of my key takeaways from the day:

Data is more valuable than oil, but only if you have good-quality data. If you feed low-quality data into an AI platform it will generate more low-quality data, so check everything is accurate before.

Don’t sleep on TikTok. TikTok has rapidly become the leading platform for building brand awareness. Users may not be working whilst scrolling, but they are switched on and will see your content. You can get in front of these audiences by using trending songs, and a relatively low budget as it has a very low cost per click (CPC).

Video marketing is the way forward.  Click-through rates on campaigns with videos are on average 75% higher than campaigns only using still images, with the CPC being 7% lower.

Use AI to stand out. Using AI-generated images to promote your event means you can create more engaging social campaigns, and these stand out more on platforms such as LinkedIn which is often long-form text. Utilise your AI platform to repurpose your content, bringing timing and costs down, for example, you can turn PowerPoint presentations into blogs and text into audio.

Don’t ignore your micro goals.  Whilst your macro goals are key, ignoring your micro goals will lead to you missing out on crucial audience data and retention. Track who is reading your show guide, clicking through to social media accounts, and checking out the FAQ page.

The world of AI can seem daunting, but learning how it can be used to your advantage is a game changer, especially automating work because saving time = saving money.

Tag Digital has kindly provided on demand training for AEO members, and will be landing in the member zone soon, so keep an eye out on social media for when it goes live.*

I hope to see you all on TikTok very soon!

Thank you to Aztec Event Services for providing their awesome AV and the Business Design Centre for being incredible hosts as always.

*Please note that this is a member benefit.