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20 Jun 2016

FOMO - Be Afraid, Very Afraid

FOMO - Be Afraid, Very Afraid

So fear of missing out, tends to be associated with social media because of the speed with which information can now be shared, but in truth it has always been a reality. It’s an innate human characteristic to be curious and want to be the first to be considered “in the know”.

The FOMO factor is compelling to pique interest but is it the most important thing to focus on when trying to drive footfall to an event? Do organisers and exhibitors really want hoards of people turning up to events because they’re fearful of missing out on something? I think the response is very different depending on the event in question. Relevance of the captive audience is key and exhibitors at consumer and trade events will have very different responses as to how much energy is targeted at those visitors who are attending purely for FOMO.

Know your audience

Tradeshows in particular want visitors who are likely to convert into sales leads, like pioneers on a mission who have planned their expedition and won’t be leaving until they have got what they want out of the experience. Consumer events usually attract either die-hards or tourists, visitors who either live and breathe the topic in question or those that are merely window shopping and may be tempted to impulse buy.

For exhibitors, whether at a consumer or trade show, reaching beyond known and understood customers and prospects is a fine balancing act between delivering information overload and not getting the message across in a crowded space. Exhibitors need help in deciphering what is important to say, when and how to deliver it to have an impact that results in action.

The real key to success, however, is being able to decipher what knowledge is important to the people you are trying to impress or influence and how to get your hands on the information that will unlock opportunities.

Learn how to reel them in

Learning events that are timely, easily accessible and a sound investment of time for exhibitors such as FaceTime Masterclasses and webinars are important. They provide perspective on topics that affect any sales or marketing situation. Masterclasses include learnings from experts on buying behaviour, customer engagement and how to best use digital marketing to entice your audience – topics that are relevant to all and where experiences from other industries can be passed on and related to the exhibition experience.

FaceTime is all about helping exhibitors optimise face to face live events which includes understanding what your compelling FOMO factor is. FaceTime can help you prepare for getting the most out of events before, during and afterwards to ensure everyone involved within the process gets the best return on their investment whether that is time or money.

Of course, as a representative of a great industry, I want people who attend events and exhibitions to be excited and, in the main, know what to expect before they arrive. Above all, I want them to leave feeling like they’ve learned something new, something they couldn’t have known without having invested the time and effort to attend.  Without the pre-promotion and the unexpected, there’s no buzz and, without the buzz, there’s no FOMO factor.