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23 Jan 2024

CEO Summit: Insights and strategies by Chris Skeith OBE

CEO Summit: Insights and strategies by Chris Skeith OBE

In the Boardroom and beyond: CEOs connect on multiple fronts

Leading industry CEOs convened at Coworth Park for the 9th AEO International CEO Summit. Under the 'Chatham house rule,' they delved into political, economic, tech, and audience trends, not just discussing industry shifts but openly sharing plans, aspirations, and potential challenges on the horizon.


Golden nuggets of wisdom: Strategic takeaways for 2024

CEOs took home actionable insights—nuggets—that solidified their strategic direction, instilled confidence for changes, and sparked fresh ideas. This collective wisdom becomes a driving force as businesses charge into the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming year.


Adaptability as a constant: Navigating change together

Acknowledging change as a constant, the summit showcased the industry's adeptness at collective understanding. Faced with myriad challenges, the event underscored the power of unity in navigating the evolving landscape of business events.


Political forecasts and global perspectives: Opportunities amid uncertainty

Global elections and manifestos: Key focus for 2024

The summit kicked off with a global political outlook as 4 billion people prepare to cast their votes. Organisers highlighted key markets, especially the US & UK, navigating supply chain security, global conflicts, and the climate crisis. Despite uncertainties, new market opportunities emerged, with future AEO International dinners marked as a strategic deliverable in 2024.


Economic resilience: From recession fears to positive outlook

A brave economist shared a contrasting tale from last year's recession fears to a more stable global economy. Recovery, though slower than expected due to inflation and sluggish business travel, offers a positive outlook for 2024. Attention shifts to tech, AI, worker expectations, and green solutions, with a cautious note on potential external shocks.


Understanding the evolving audience: Tailoring experiences for success

Demographic shifts: Appealing to diverse audiences
The spotlight turned to changing audience demographics, with a balanced mix of baby boomers, Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z. Successful shows will now tailor content to each segment, adding networking, experiences, and targeted messaging. As the industry gears up for 2024, expectation management and delivery take centre stage in AEO working groups.


Tech exploration: Aligning innovation with business objectives
Navigating the tech wave: Test, learn, and collaborate

The summit concluded with a tech-focused deep dive. Amidst pressure to adopt AI, businesses favour a test-and-learn approach, encouraging curiosity and collaboration. Opportunities abound in utilising tech to address challenges highlighted earlier, with a strong focus on sharing and development across teams, shows, and departments in the year ahead.