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08 Mar 2024

Celebrating International Women's Day 2024

Celebrating International Women's Day 2024

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world each year, shining a light on the achievements of women, with an emphasis on the importance of gender equality.

This year's theme is about inspiring inclusion. We've gathered some words from #eventprofs who continue to advocate for the advancement of women in the industry and at large.

Rachel Swann, AEO vice chair and Chief Operating Officer - Energy Division, dmg events

''Investing in women isn't just a financial commitment; it's a pledge to accelerate progress and amplify the heartbeat of change. It's about ensuring their voices are heard, their perspectives shine, and their brilliance inspires.'' 

Louise Day, AEV marketing and communications working group chair and Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications, Manchester Central

''The world of events is about bringing people together to make connections and forge relationships; and this undoubtedly delivers the best results when people from all walks of life converge.

For me, it’s important that this strength in diversity is reflected at all levels within the industry and that, importantly, the leaders making decisions about the future of our sector exemplify this.''

Marija Erzen - ESSA chair and Co-Founder, Solutions2 UK

''Inclusion for me is a about creating communities and for me specifically a workplace, where everyone feels they can be themselves and everyone has a voice and a role to play, where we learn from each other so we are stronger together. We should all feel comfortable in our own skins but we should also enable others to feel the same way, everyone needs to be proactive in this not just business and industry leaders or HR Depts.''

Edwige Ferrao, Head of Sales, Easyfairs

''On this International Women's Day, let's commit to creating events where all women, from every background, can be the heroines of their unique stories. Together, let's embrace diversity and celebrate inclusion. Each voice matters, every colour shines, and each story adds a unique note to our celebration.'' 

El Afzal, AEV junior event managers working group vice chair and Venue Manager, Co-op Live 

''Part of championing diversity, and inspiring authentic inclusion within the Events Industry, is to address it, and review how equality turns to equity. Everyone needs to start off the conversations – to identify gaps and develop. We all need to not be scared of having conversations and asking the hard questions to curate our own learning from them. #InspireInclusion #IWD2024'' 

Rebecca McIntosh, Account Manager UK, BeMatrix

''Celebrating International Women's Day is not just about recognizing the achievements of women but also about fostering an environment of inclusivity where all voices are heard and valued. For me, inspiring inclusion in events means creating spaces where anyone from diverse backgrounds feel empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents.''

Ruth Greenwood, Group EA & Head of Culture, Nineteen Group

International Women's Day is a celebration of resilience, a tribute to courage, and a testament to the power of every woman's story. May we continue to champion equality, amplify voices, and honour the remarkable women who are shaping a brighter and more inclusive world.

Charlotte Barker, Venue Sales Manager, Business Design Centre

''Every woman’s voice should be heard and opinions valued within the events industry. These are crucial factors to contributing to a safe space where we can all be empowered and acknowledged. #inspireinclusion #IWD2024'' 

Rebecca Coles - Assistant Manager, InEvexco

''This International Women's Day, let's celebrate the power of inclusion in the events industry! From organisers to speakers, from stand builders to attendees, every voice matters. Inclusion isn't just about inviting everyone to the table; it's about ensuring that each voice is heard, respected, and valued. Together we can create a future where diversity thrives, and all women in the industry feel empowered!'' 

Rebecca Towell - Director of Sales - Core, Full Circle Events & Exhibitions

“We need women at all levels within businesses, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation and to make sure women’s voices are heard, not overlooked, or ignored. The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another.”