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International CEO Summits 

Every year the AEO hosts a number of by invitation, member only CEO Summits, providing unrivalled networking and knowledge exchange for the most senior leaders in the industry.

January is the AEO International CEO Summit; an organiser only strategic meeting, which enables participants with global portfolios to share, learn and connect, in advance of the year ahead.

In the summer, alongside our sister association AEV, the heads of UK based organisers and UK exhibition venues meet for an interactive day, looking at current trends and future opportunities, building relationships that improve understanding and drive efficiencies.

The CEO event schedule closes in October with the Asia CEO Summit (ACS) in partnership with AEO, SISO, SACEOS & UFI, bringing together organisers from the UK, Europe and US to meet colleagues from the Asia Pacific region in Singapore under the banner of  ‘Pathways for Growth’.

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11th January 2024 - International CEO Summit