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The Finance Working Group offers a platform for members to come together and collaborate on managing issues within the finance arena. They meet to discuss, share and drive efficiencies that affect different sized organisations across the AEO membership.

About the Finance Group

The Finance Group will continue to meet as often as is needed whilst shows are getting back up and running in 2022. In 2021 we have saw a much higher rate of engagement from members, and we think this is largely to do with taking meetings online, something that we will look to carry on for next year.

The group are supportive of any initiatives to build customer confidence and protect the return of events. This will include being at the table for conversations surrounding government backed insurance schemes, looking to share (anonymised) T&C’s and creating some standard templates that sets best practice for the industry.

Chair - TBC

Details will be announced soon

Vice Chair - James Stenning-White

Financial Controller, Diversified Communications UK

More about James

Who is it for?

This Group is aimed at attracting Finance professionals from the events industry at a senior level (Financial Controller or equivalent) and is open to all AEO members

To find out more about the Finance Group's strategy for 2024;

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2024 Diary Dates


Interested in joining?

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