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These videos are available to AEO Members for use internally or to promote events and add value to your customers. 

How can FaceTime help you?

The animated FaceTime video can be used to show your colleagues what the FaceTime initiative is and how it can help add value to your customers whilst saving your team members valuable time and effort. Why not place the video on your organisations digital hub or intranet and use as part of new team inductions? 

FaceTime 'How To' videos

Video Shorts

In addition, we have a series of 16 video shorts to help guide your customers through the exhibiting journey, showing them how to make the most of the experience and their investment before, during and after the event. You can use these videos as your own, place them on your website and link to them on social media during the countdown to your events.

If you would like the MP4 files for any of these videos, please contact the FaceTime team by clicking here

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can direct your customers to the FaceTime website.