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Further Information and Next Steps

An out of court settlement avoids a definitive ruling on CDs tactics by an Austrian judge, however it would be hard for CD to now pursue a so-called debt through the courts. StopECG and AEO therefore recommend that ALL companies in dispute with Construct Data who feel deceived should refuse to pay.

It is now important that any organization that feels it was mislead by Fairguide into signing a contract notifies them immediately, using the template letter below.   

Download Specimen Response Letter

This letter should be sent by email to and followed up by recorded mail to:

Construct Data Verlag AG,
Ortsstraße 54,
2331 Vösendorf,

Keep the letter and proof of posting on file, this should be the end of your problems with Construct Data, however, if after you have written to CD and informed them that you signed in error you continue to receive demands for money you should complain to the Austrian authorities (details below).

Include copies of ALL your correspondence with CD and any debt collection companies they use.   Send the same letter to all three addresses below:

Minister of Economy and Work
Bundesminister für Wirtschaft und Arbeit (BMWA)
Stubenring 1
A-1010 Wien

Department for Competition
Abteilung C1/6
Dampfschiffstraße 4
1030 Wien

Dr. Manfred Pichelmayer,
Osterreichischer Werberat (OWR),
c/o Wirtschaftskammer Wien,
Schwartzenbergplatz 14,
A - 1040,

If you continue to receive demands for payment after you have notified CD please also email where you will directed as to how best to proceed.

Unfortunately is does appear that Fairguide are still mailing misleading forms to exhibitors.  To view the NEW version of the Fairguide form please click here.

Finally, the Austrian government have informed us that based on their experience to date that, following contestation of a claim so far Construct Data has not brought any action in a single case. Therefore, should you receive further letters or reminders or threats of legal action also from collection agencies, you should also refer to cancellation due to error. However, if you do receive a writ, please contact the Austrian embassy in London.

The Austrian Embassy – London
Austrian Embassy - Trade Commission
45 Princes Gate (Exhibition Rd)
London SW7 2QA
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 (0)20 7584 4411
Fax: +44 (0)20 7584 2565

Download Specimen Response Letter

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