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We offer a broad range of membership options tailored to your company's needs:

AEO Organiser Membership serves those engaged in the business of organising events having sold more than 2,000 square meters of exhibition space per year

AEO Enterprise Membership serves those engaged in the business of organising events having sold less than 2,000 square metres per year of exhibition space

AEO International Membership serves organisers, venues and suppliers to the events industry whose business is based outside the UK and who have no more than 5 staff employed in a UK office

If you would like to apply for AEO membership, please click here to download and complete AEO's membership forms.

We are open to all companies that organise trade and consumer events and exhibitions.  To be eligible for membership, companies must have organised at least one event, agree to AEO's code of conduct and be sponsored by an existing organiser member.

Have a look at the exclusive benefits of membership here.

To read AEO's Memorandum and Articles of Association.

If you are interested in becoming an AEO member, please e-mail Krystle Davis or call 01442 285818

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About AEO

AEO is the trade body representing companies which conceive, create, develop or manage trade and consumer events.

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